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Handmade in Greece to exacting Standards. The grinding mechanism is designed to actually grind the pepper, maximining flavour and aroma. With a durable all metal body and flanged base for stability, the metal grinding mechanism can be adjusted from fine to course.

- Never grind salt in a mill intended for pepper, as this will corrode the metal mechanism.
- Never wash or submerge the mill in water.                     
- We recommend using a dry cloth to wipe clean.       
- The outer casing will naturally oxidise and change in appearance with touch, use and exposure to moisture and oxygen in the air.           
- If you wish to keep the mill polished, you can use metal cleaners suitable for brass.

Cleaning your mill will help maintain it for good working order.  Try give it a clean every time you refill the contents.  For salt mills, it I recommended to use Dry Sea Salt or Rock Salt, wet, grey, or salt flakes are not recommended as they will clog the mechanism.


  • Remove the top knob and handle.
  • Undo the screws at the bottom where you can take out the grinding mechanism and central shaft.  Pepper mills have screws at the side, but the internal black lining cannot be removed.
  • Give all parts a good clean with a small brush and dry cloth.  Only the plastic part of the salt mills can be cleaned separately in water to dissolve any clogged salt, DO NOT put the metal mechanism in water.
  • Thoroughly clean and dry before reassembling.
  • To clean the exterior NEVER wash or submerge the mill in water.
  • Corrosion due to high exposure to moisture may occur.  Proprietary metal cleaners on the market suitable for cleaning brass are brasso.  You could also use a paste which includes 3 parts lemon juice and one part salt or baking soda rubbed into the affected metal with a clean cloth.  A mix of salt and vinegar is also suggested by some.
  • A scourer or fine wool may be used to remove substantial corrosion but may also scratch the metal.
  • A vinegar bath can also be quite effective in removing rust and brightening up the metal surface but be sure to thoroughly dry after cleaning with a soft cloth.
  • Camellia oil can be applied to your uncoated mill to help inhibit corrosion particularly between the lid and the body.    

Brass Mills require some extra attention, but with some regular maintenance they will be in their best working order!

Diameter - 40mm
Height - 205mm
Weight - 500grams

Pair Suggestion: 103 Brass Pepper Mill