Brass Chef's Pepper Mill 502

Brass Chef's Pepper Mill 502

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Manual brass pepper mill with rotating top and open bottom. 

Handmade in Greece to exacting Standards, the grinding mechanism is designed to actually grind the pepper, maximining flavour and aroma. With a durable all metal body and a flanged base for stability, the metal grinding mechanism can be adjusted from fine to course. 

- Never grind salt in a mill intended for pepper, as this will corrode the metal mechanism.                                                             
- Never wash or submerge the mill in water.                 
- We recommend using a dry cloth to wipe clean.             
- The outer casing will naturally oxidise and change in appearance with touch, use and exposure to moisture and oxygen in the air.             

- If you wish to keep the mill polished, you can use metal cleaners suitable for brass.

Diameter - 50mm
Height - 190mm
Weight - 690grams